Navigating Digital Innovation and Business Leadership with Metsi US CEO Rachael Babcock.

Steering the customer journey to digital maturity

With the launch of Metsi US in 2018, Metsi Technologies furthered its technical capability and service portfolio, expanding into Full Stack Visibility and Observability with AppDynamics certified engineering. The Metsi US brand is characterised by technology innovation, reflected in its US Federal business. In collaboration with the Cisco DoD Teams, Metsi US designs and implements custom Anything-as-a-Service solutions that deliver faster application deployment for mission critical defense systems. At the helm of Metsi’s stateside efforts, with a keen eye for innovation and service excellence, is US CEO Rachael Babcock.

Rachael Babcock, US CEO of Metsi Technologies

Rachael Babcock is an accomplished go-to-market CEO, passionate about the people, processes, and technology of innovation. Her career, spanning more than 2 decades and 3 continents, has encompassed engineering, technical consulting, and sales and business development in IT & telecommunications. Rachael also has a breadth of experience in executive leadership, having served in the roles of CEO, CINO, and CCO across the globe. 

She has successfully built an innovative fintech startup, led statewide digital transformation, and scaled a nationwide $100 million Cisco VAR business. In her current role as US CEO, she is responsible for leading the overall direction of the North American markets.

Under her leadership, Metsi US has undertaken a path of transformative growth, achieved through market differentiation, effective service delivery, and strategic alliances. Undergirding this rapid expansion is a meticulous understanding of the technology which enables Metsi’s distinctive digital maturity approach.

In her leisure time, Rachael spends as much time as she can on the water – boating, jet skiing, and sculling. She brings the nautical skills of this pastime to the boardroom, navigating her teams through the tides of innovation. Rachael believes in a high growth team culture built on collaboration, productivity, and accountability, with teams that are both empowered and empathic. She is focused on customer value, long-term thinking, and operational excellence.

The Future of Metsi US Business Value

Metsi US specialises in sophisticated and affordable engineering that creates an end-to-end view of enterprise IT, leveraging both COTS and open-source technologies across application, cloud, and infrastructure layers of the IT stack. Metsi US already delivers elite Anything-as-a-Service (IaaS, PaaS) solutions for US DoD, delivering mission critical technology at lightning speed. 

Rachael identifies Private Equity (PE) technical value creation as the next avenue for Metsi US’s business expansion. Elaborating on the unique technical value that Metsi creates for PE, Babcock notes that, “Metsi optimises the pace and scope of technology modernisation without compromising speed, scale, or quality.”

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